Module 4

Id like to do something a little less extreme. Not something super controversial, but something that every one acknowledges. The science behind love or falling in love. So many people use the word “love” so loosely. I want to know what exactly makes us feel so strong towards someone.


Me, Myself & I

Hello fellow classmates,

My name is Kimberly Guesnier, I am a Junior at Texas Tech, majoring in Kinesiology. I have put this class off long enough, I don’t enjoy English classes because I am not a strong writer. I do however look forward to bettering my skills in this class. My strengths in writing are limited, I can usually come up with thing very easily and can organize them as I go. Something that I could talk about for awhile is my weaknesses, little things like grammar errors are probably my worst. I don’t notice misplaced modifiers or an awkwardly worded sentence. I am interested in becoming a better writer, and my goal is to be able to help other people who struggle with my same issues. I want to be able to notice┬áthose little things that make the biggest difference in writing.

Time management used to be a big struggle for me as well. I have gone through my fair share of failures and mistakes that I have thankfully learned from. I have a very set schedule. I set aside time for school every single day. If I don’t have homework in any classes than I do practice problems or look over notes. I keep a week by week planner with everything that needs to be done for all my classes. I usually get most of it done a lot sooner than its due, this helps to lower my stress level. I am very happy with my time management.

If anyone needs pointers for time management, I’m your girl. I may not be able to help a lot with your papers this early in the semester, but I do plan on being able to very very soon!

Happy studies!